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Properties and uses of UHMWPE pipes
1, high wear resistance
In many piping materials, friction coefficient of UHMWPE is the minimum and the molecular chain of UHMWPE is particularly long, so that the wear resistance of UHMWPE pipe is 4-7 times higher than that of steel pipe and stainless steel pipe, about 10 times higher than that of PVC pipe and polyethylene pipe in conveying various slurries, greatly improving the service life of the pipeline.
2, high impact resistance
Impact resistance and impact energy absorption of UHMWPE are the highest among the plastics. Its impact strength is 10 times that of nylon 66, 20 times that of PVC and 4 times that of polyethylene. Especially in low temperature environment, its impact strength is also not affected. This flexibility of UHMWPE provides safe and reliable protection for the conveying system.

3, Corrosion resistance

Because UHMWPE is a saturated micelle structure, its chemical stability is extremely high and can be resistant to the erosion of a variety of high corrosive medium (acid, alkali, salt) and organic solvents in a certain range of temperature and concentration.

4, no scaling
Due to self lubrication and non adhesion, non-scaling, small friction coefficient, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, UHMWPE’s flow resistance is small and UHMWPE can maintain the flow rate and flow unabated for a long time.
5, weather resistance and aging resistance
UHMWPE pipes have good weather resistance and aging resistance. On the one hand, because unsaturated molecule chains in ultra high pipe molecular chains are small, the molecular weight is large; on the other hand, anti-aging agent is added, making the service life of UHMWPE pipes greatly exceed that of ordinary polyethylene pipes.

6, fire resistance

Special industry is used for fireproof environment. Fire retardant is added to be modified. It is manufactured by special processing technology, to overcome the flammability of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene itself, and it has fire retardant properties.

7, light weight, good flexibility
Density of UHMWPE pipe is low, which is only 1/8 that of steel pipe. Installation and maintenance are extremely easy. Its good flexibility makes it well adapt to various geological conditions. Bending laying can be directly carried out. Flange is used for connection, without gasket sheet. Connection is quick and easy.

main field of application:

1,Long distance transportation of oil:
There are many oil fields in China. Due to the corrosion of harsh acidic soil, sea water and natural brine around the oil field, as well as the invasion of internal sulfur oil, service life of steel pipe is very short. Furthermore, most crude oils have high viscosity and are easily deposited in the process of transportation, especially in winter; and pipes need to lay heating systems and insulation layers. For this purpose, oilfields need to spend a high price for supporting solution. If composite pipe is used to replace part of steel pipe, this can not only solve the problem of heat preservation in winter, but also greatly improve the transport efficiency and service life of the pipeline.

2,Application of thermoelectric industry:
At present, fly ash produced from thermal power plants are transported by pipeline in China. Service life of metal pipeline is only 2 years. Using wear resistant pipes to solve the problems of structure of ash pipe in thermal power plant and short service life is urgently needed. High wear-resistant composite pipes can improve the transport efficiency of ash pipe and service life of the pipeline for thermal power plants.
3,Application of mining and dressing in coal industry:
3.1,Pipelines for transporting pulverized coal, mineral powder, tailings and pulp are mostly the steel pipes in coal industry. Because these media contain about 30% of the iron ore whose wear on steel pipe is quite powerful. General service life of steel pipe is 1-2 years. Transportation of washing solid-liquid mixture: pipelines for transporting pulp of coal mining and dressing include tailing pipes, concentrate pipes. Coal preparation plant transports flotation feed, flotation concentrate and heavy medium suspension and other solid-liquid mixtures produced from coal mixture flotation. Steel pipes will be worn after using 16 months and it takes a lot of money for repair every year. Use of composite pipes can effectively solve the problems of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improve the transport efficiency and save a lot of repair costs.

4,Transportation of tailings and slurry from metal mines and chemical mines belong to long distance transportation. The replacement and upgrading of pipeline for transporting tailings and slurry from metal mines and chemical mines needs a lot of pipes every year in China. And thousands of chemical plants, building materials industry need wear resistant pipelines for solid particles, powder and other granules, as well as slurry, solid liquid mixtures. Plastic to replace steel is also imperative.
5, Chemical industry: transportation of strong acid, strong alkali and other high corrosive medium, transportation of brine, salt slurry, crude salt of salt chemical engineering.

6, Dredging engineering: sediment transportation in river, lake, port, wharf and other dredging engineering.
7, Ocean ographic engineering: transportation of sea water, fresh water in desalination of sea water.
8, Municipal engineering: sewage treatment, living water and coal gas, natural gas transportation.

9, Roller pipe of belt conveyor with light weight, wear resistance, good lubrication, good energy-saving effect, convenient installation and repair. 

Refer to the introduction of application performance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) for main characteristics.


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